We Are The Solution As Well As The Problem

This podcast features Joel Salatin,  interviewed by Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity.com. Salatin rejects the idea that all human involvement in shaping the landscape is bad; in this interview he discusses how humans can improve the environment through “ecological participation”. I always feel better, and more optimistic, after listening to/reading America’s foremost “philosopher-farmer”, so I’m happy to share this conversation with you in the hope that your day is improved, too. I’m going to listen to it again while I sort through the 6 litres of wild blueberries I picked yesterday (I think Mr. Salatin would approve!).





photo: wikipedia commons

0 thoughts on “We Are The Solution As Well As The Problem”

  1. Great blog, Christine … listened to the whole enchilada ;-D
    Especially liked the part about feeding chickens table waste.
    It would take a lot of table scraps to reduce chicken feed 70%
    Not quite sure what to make of that suggestion: pie in the sky?
    Is the conclusion that raising chickens is for individuals, not factories?

  2. You always amaze me with the time you find to educate yourself and spread the climate message, Doug. I’m not sure about the chicken feed thing, either, but certainly Joel Salatin raises chickens to sell on his farm.


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