Climate Change: Lines of Evidence

The National Academies, America’s preeminent independent scientific advisory body, has produced a series of videos about the science of climate change. This one,the second in the series, explains how scientists have arrived at the current state of knowledge about recent climate change and its causes.




Climate Change Study Forces Skeptical Scientists To Change Minds

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7 thoughts on “Climate Change: Lines of Evidence”

    • Well, they are scientists first and communicators second. Which is one of the reasons why we’re in the mess we’re in – they didn’t go into a career in public relations for a reason, yet the dirty energy industry can afford to hire plenty of smooth talkers to make their case for resisting change.

  1. Thanks Christine. You appear to have embedded the first of the seven videos but I watched them all. They are all excellent; and full of useful soundbytes of information (but generally not references). However, as with JP, they leave me feeling deeply frustrated by the continuing determination of many to deny – yes that most definitely is the right word – the reality of the natural greenhouse effect and the consequences of humans adding fossilised carbon to the atmosphere. I say this because I have just spent/wasted most of a week arguing about exactly these kinds of things with people (some extremely well educated like David Middleton and Richard Courtney) on WUWT. Their willingness to argue, in effect, that black is white is truly astonishing, frustrating, and frightening.


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