Friday At The Movies

Happy people dancing on Planet Earth, from Matt Harding’s “Where The Hell is Matt?” YouTube video series. Touching and fun. Humans the world over have more in common than we have differences.



To read Matt’s interesting story, go to the Where The Hell is Matt? website.

*Okay, I know the world is confusing enough much of the time without having blog postings entitled “Saturday At The Movies” going up on Friday!  Thanks to Donna, faithful reader and kindred spirit, for the heads up on the mix-up. Happy FRIDAY everyone!*

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  1. Yes, it really is surprisingly touching. We humans are capable of so much goodness, including getting along with people who don’t speak the same language or have the same view of the world. I hope we make the choice to act on that at this point in our history. Bloodshed and violence haven’t made the world a better place to live in, but dancing together might!


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