The Climate Crisis: It’s Time To Take Back The Land

Dr. Vandana Shiva – physicist, ecologist, activist, author, and founder of Navdanya (a movement for biodiversity conservation) on the most important work of our times:




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  1. I’ve always thought that in a fair society, farmers, teachers and doctors should be among the best compensated because of the importance of their work. Especially the farmers. Finding a financial solution that would better compensate farmers so that they can hire more people to work on their farms would solve many problems at once: Creating employment (which stimulates the economy), reduce the need for pesticides (cause people can pull the weeds out themselves), less use of fossil fuels (because you have more man-and-woman power).

    Along the same lines, we should create a system that pays people to preserve the forests on their land. The argument is always that cutting down a forest allows the owner to create a farm or plantation or a pasture (think Amazon Rain Forest). However, the odds are that the services rendered by the intact forest are worth much more than any amount of farming that will ever be done on the land. So why not pay the locals for conserving and preserving the forest. They receive an income (good for the economy), the forest continues capturing carbon, controlling flooding and preserving biodiversity, and everyone wins.


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