It’s Gardening Time

It’s a gorgeous sunny May day, and I’m busy building my “hugelkultur” raised garden bed at the edge of the coniferous forest which covers some of our one and a quarter acres of Canadian Shield land. A hugelkultur bed is a raised garden bed filled with rotten wood. Anyway, one of the things that is being sacrificed in order to finish this project as soon as possible is my computer time. So have a wonderful Monday, wherever you are, and check out this video, and the links below, if you’re interested in learning more about what I’m doing. I should point out that the trees I’m using are nowhere near the size of the ones in the video. Pictures of my own project will be posted when I get the chance.


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  1. Oh that is such a useful Post, Christine. Here in Payson, AZ, we are critically short of rain and yet Jean and I are growing some vegetables for our table. First year we have put in vege beds and each evening when I water them with the hose, I feel a bit uncomfortable about using our aquifer water. So this looks like a great idea to follow up on. Do please let us all know how you get on, Paul

    • Hi Paul –
      I’ll definitely let you know how my garden grows, and I’d be really interested in hearing about the options you are trying out in your very dry climate. If you haven’t explored permaculture techniques yet, you might want to, as permaculture gardens are designed to work with the ecosystem and climate they are in, rather than applying a “one size fits all” technique.
      (Also, I have family in New Mexico that might be interested in what works in your garden, as their climate is similarly dry).

  2. I emailed the “hugelkultur” raised bed concept to a friend who plans to give it a go. he has a lot of wood (due to a fire on his property) and land. Thanks for sharing that!


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