Northern Gateway Pipeline: Not A Pretty Picture

Renowned Canadian artist Robert Bateman speaks out against the Northern Gateway Pipeline. I guess that makes him a “radical” “domestic terrorist“, or maybe he’s one of the “jet-setting celebrities” who are opposed to any development of Canadian natural resources – or possibly he’s all of the above!



Sign the petition at:

To read Canadian Natural Resource Minister Joe Oliver’s open letter to Canadians about those radical anti-progress tree-hugging enviros, click here and see for yourself the lengths this government will go to demonize those Canadians opposed to their radical pro-corporate anti-democratic agenda.

Also an interesting read on the close parallels between the Harper government’s rhetoric against environmentalists, and former GOP nutbar candidate Rick Santorum: The Harper-Santorum Axis.

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  1. Hi Christine, I must admit I had missed hearing that Santorum had withdrawn from the race for POTUS candidacy. Thank God for small mercies, eh?

    Thanks also for the link to the Harper-Santorum piece. This is full of fascinating snippets of insanity – such as an indication that Santorum thinks his “drill baby drill” (a.k.a. “use it up and wear it out”) philosophy can be classified as “good stewardship” of the Earth’s resources…

    Also, although I have heard of this infamous Luntz Memo, I have never read it or seen it quoted so diligently to reveal the extent to which it is twists reality… It is fascinating to see the extent to which ideological prejudice can blind people to such an extent that they feel entirely comfortable accusing other people of being enslaved to some new ideology or religion…

    It is they who are the worshipers of a false god – one about which the Bible repeatedly warns people to wary – the love of money that is “the root of all evil”. Santorum and Harper are so deeply ensnared; and yet they can’t see it… I think it is the free market capitalists – not the supposedly-radical environmentalists – who have been sent a “powerful delusion”; and yet they think they are the Pharisees…

    Truly, I tell you, the “Angel of Light” has been busy at work corrupting so many minds…

  2. I haven’t been following the GOP circus south of the border closely myself, Martin, but did come across this tidbit when researching this piece.
    Did you notice the reference to George Lakoff’s “Don’t Think Of An Elephant?” in the article as well (I’m pretty sure I mentioned this on your blog in the past). It’s waaay past time that the progressive among us ( who are by far the majority) stop let these neanderthals set the agenda. In a discussion with Nathan Cullen, one of the candidates in the recent NDP leadership race, I mentioned Lakoff to him and he was very familiar with him and his suggestions. I think that’s one of the reasons the NDP is doing much better than the former opposition party, the Liberals, who completely let Harper set the tone.
    We are living in interesting times….

  3. Hello. I am also a Canadian “educator… concerned about climate change”. Martin Lack gave me the link to your site.

    Just wanted to say thanks for the video above and the link to the petition for a ban on tankers on the west coast. I’ve also been writing about the Tar Sands and its pipelines on my blog, so it’s great to see others doing the same.

    By the way, Santorum is a nutbar!!! : )

        • I’m in northwestern Ontario, much closer to Winnipeg than Toronto.
          I love PEI – years ago, my husband and I did a cycling trip there. You’re lucky in that you’re surrounded by rich agriculture – is it possible to get local organically grown fruits and veggies? I know there’s potatoes aplenty.

          • Oddly enough, I’ve lived in Winnipeg, and my wife is from southern Manitoba.

            As for PEI and fruits and veggies, we are quite lucky. Not much for fruits, but veggies galore! Not as much organic as you’d think, but it is getting more popular with time. A lot of potatoes, most of which is fairly chemical intensive. But, that’ll have to end someday. Chef Micheal Smith (TV chef who lives here… and who’s son goes to my school… and I’ve done yoga in his house! Small place, PEI) is pushing to make PEI 100% organic. I hope he makes it happen.

    • I see so much synergy between your two blogs that I find it hard to believe you had not come across each other before. I am delighted to have been able to put you in touch; and so glad I decided to mention this blog to JP just in case it was not known about.

      Also, JP, now that I know what PEI means, I can understand why (I seem to recall that) you took such a keen interest in the beluga whales research featured in the the fourth part of Strange Days on Planet Earth. If I am mistaken about my having mentioned this to you before, you can find the video and my summary of it over on Learning from Dogs:

    • Just tuppencing to do a ‘/me too’ on the video. To see someone defacing what is presumably their own work, work that must have not just taken a long time but have also been a labour of love… puts it into perspective. ‘Accidents do happen,’ indeed. Marketeers may claim something to be (for example) 99% safe, but if that means that there’s a 1% chance it’s totally, devastated, is it ever worth the risk?

      • “Is it ever worth the risk?”

        Unfortunately, it is worth the risk for the company building the pipeline, the company shipping the oil and the government that is making revenue from the extraction. None of them care if there is a spill.

      • Yes, it sends a powerful message. Just last week another Canadian artist publicly tore up 5 of his paintings (of national/historic significance, as he is a war artist who has spent time in Afghanistan and Somalia). The wave against tyranny is growing daily, but that also means the resistance is going to strengthen before the new paradigm emerges.

  4. JP – how cool that a celebrity chef is pushing to have PEI go completely organic! It’s a small enough province that he might just be able to make it happen – look what amazing things Jamie Oliver has been able to do in the school food system.
    My husband and I are heading east in September, but are spending all of our time on “The Rock” (one of our favourite places).


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