Canada’s Environment Minister Doesn’t Know What Ozone Is, But Approves Cuts To Ozone Monitoring

Unfortunately, this is the fellow in charge of preserving Canada’s water, air, and climate for future generations. The video below shows Environment Minister Peter Kent can’t respond to Justin Trudeau’s straightforward question about what ozone is, and the difference between ozone at high and low levels of the atmosphere. This is the same Environment Minister who just cut funding to Canada’s important ozone monitoring network, as Graham Saunders just explained (see Solving The Big Environmental Calamities Requires Measuring, Research, Monitoring). Shameful.


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0 thoughts on “Canada’s Environment Minister Doesn’t Know What Ozone Is, But Approves Cuts To Ozone Monitoring”

  1. When the Liberals were in charge, they didn’t do much about environment but they never looked that insane.

    I have no idea how far we need to go back for someone in that chair who was serious about the environment.

    • You’re right, Jay, the Liberals are responsible for much of the situation Canada finds itself in today. Chretien signed the Kyoto accord and made the right noises, but did nothing. In some ways, that’s even more dangerous/deceptive, because it felt like we were doing something about this problem when in fact we were not. The”good” news is that Harper et al make it abundantly clear what their bottom line is, and it has nothing to do with considering future generations and everything to do with immediate economic stimulus in the oil patch.

      • Ironically I believe it was Brian Mulroney who has been listed as Canada’s greenest Prime Minister, due to his work on the Acid Rain accord. I agree with you about how the Liberals made the right noises, but did nothing. I found this extremely frustrating. If I can say one positive thing about Harper, he never raised my expectations by making the right noises.

  2. LOL – like they sing at the end of Monty Python’s “The Life Of Brian”, always look in the bright side of life!
    (and the only reason I can imagine that Mulroney got the Greenest PM award is that the bar is so appallingly low!)


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