The Denial Tango: As The Waters Rise Around Me, I’ll Just Hold My Breath And Say It Isn’t So

I’m on vacation this week on the beautiful West Coast. On Saturday I attended TEDx Victoria, which had a line-up of interesting and thought-provoking speakers who spoke for 10 minutes about their special area of interest. Raffi Cavoukian inspired the crowd with his discussion of childhonouring: “being earth-friendly is the same thing as being child-friendly.” The last speaker, however, moved the crowd to tears with his stunning and disturbing pictures of the boreal forest and the destruction of the tar sands. Professional photographer Garth Lenz, whose Tar Nation exhibit is currently on display in Los Angeles, spoke passionately about the land and the people that the tar sands are destroying, and reminded us that we are all downstream, in this age of global climate change. He closed with the statement “there is nothing ethical about this”, and a call to action for everyone seated in that auditorium.

But more on the conference later. For today, as the Durban Conference on Climate Change approaches and there’s news that “Lord” Monckton and his traveling circus of oil-industry funded deniers are planning to attend, here’s a little ditty by an Australian group, Men With Day Jobs, The Denial Tango:



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