David Suzuki On Occupy Movement: The Future Of Young People Is Being Sacrificed To Corporate Agenda

David Suzuki was interviewed at the Occupy Montreal event last Saturday:

“We’ve got to take back our country, and take back our democracy..Stop serving the corporate agenda. It seems that money is everything that determines what our priorities are right now…The economy by itself is nothing. We use the economy for something else – do we want justice, do we want greater equity, do we want environmental protection?..This is about the future for theseĀ  young people, that is being sacrificed for the sake of the corporate agenda right now…What are corporations for? They exist for one reason, and one reason only. They may be doing things that we need that are really useful, but their only reason for existence is to make money, and the faster they make the money, the better it is. And that is not an acceptable way to run the world. What about people? What about the future, and jobs for young people?”


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  1. Perhaps if we get a few dozen more good people like David on the same side it will make a difference.

    Until the Federal Government and the corporations part company, I doubt this will happen.

    • That’s why we should all be celebrating the “Occupy” movement – in fact there are tens of thousands of good people standing up to corporate greed. We can’t depend on celebrities, though – we are all part of the 99%. In the end, it’s up to each of us to take a public stand (however that is interpreted by each of us), not because we expect there is a guaranteed outcome, but because it is the right thing to do.


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