Kitikaanikamik, “Where People Come To Grow”

Kitikaanikamik is an Ojibway word that means “the place where things grow”. The Local Foods Initiative (RLLFI)  in the northern Ontario town that I live in has applied to the Aviva Community Fund for “seed” money  to get our solar greenhouse/community gardening project up and running. RLLFI has already acquired the funds to buy a passive solar greenhouse which can operate in all but the coldest few months of winter. To make the project, called Kitikaanikamik, “Where People Come To Grow”  a reality, we will also need to purchase soil, build a shelter and compost area, and ensure a power and water supply.  To help make this project a reality, you can support us by voting for it on the Aviva website – click here (you have to register with your email address, but once you’ve done that you can vote for us once a day).  Your support is much appreciated!

If you aren’t yet convinced this is a good project to support, check out this video, then go and vote!


It’s Meatless Monday, so if you need inspiration for a meal without animal protein, go to the

*Thanks, Tanna, for passing on the great graphic at the top!*

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