Dear Mr. Harper

Canada’s Prime Minister Harper has been receiving messages about halting the expansion of the Alberta tar sands from far and wide this week.  First, it was the 400 Canadians who gathered on Parliament Hill this past Monday, 200 of whom put themselves on the line to get arrested, speaking out loudly and clearly for our children and grandchildren’s future.

On Thursday, Archbishop Desmond Tutu along with seven other Nobel Peace Laureates, wrote a letter to Harper calling on him to stop the tar sands expansion. On the same day, the National Roundtable on the Environment and Economy, an arm’s-length government agency with nary a climate scientist among them, warned that Canadians face a high economic cost from the impact of a warming global climate, and the country should act quickly to reduce the financial price by investing in adaptation measures.

Also on Thursday, a group of Canadian researchers released a report which outlined a huge loss of ice in the Canadian Arctic this summer.

Two ice shelves that existed before Canada was settled by Europeans diminished significantly this summer, one nearly disappearing altogether, Canadian scientists say in newly published research.

The loss is important as a marker of global warming, returning the Canadian Arctic to conditions that date back thousands of years, scientists say. 

Individually, these messages are loud and clear.  Together, they are impossible to ignore. The question remains: is Stephen Harper listening?

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  1. “CO2 Climate Change” isn’t about a changing climate. Climate Change is about CONTROLLING a changing climate. It comes from the observable logic that we can CONTROL our climate since Humans are capable of “affecting” our climate. “We must be doing something to the planet.”, is the mantra of modern day Omen Worshipping as we chant; “We see the changes. We see the changes….”
    The UN solution is to hand over the management of the temperature of the planet to Carbon Trading Markets run by corporations and politicians. Meanwhile, the UN had allowed carbon trading to trump 3rd world fresh water relief, starvation rescue and 3rd world education for just over 25 years of INSANE attempts at climate CONTROL.
    As we speak countless thousands of scientists are busy studying the effects of climate change and every single one of them including the science organizations all have their own special and unique definition of what climate change effects will be. This was a consultant’s w%t dream and when these lab coat consultants start studying causes instead of effects and when they are seen marching in the streets and ACTING like this is the “crisis” they say it is, only then will voters vote yes for taxing the air. Name one crisis that could be worse than a climate crisis because unstoppable warming is the death of the planet on the scale of a comet hit or nuclear war. You can’t have a little catastrophic climate crisis.
    The climate change mistake has made fear mongering neocons out of all of us for the history books.

  2. I am so pumped that the 8 Nobel Peace Laureates sent him a letter. HOW could he ignore that, it must of made him think twice, maybe just a little. At least a tiny bit. You never know, but you gotta hope. Love that sign!


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