Clinton: Climate Deniers Make U.S. Look Like a Joke

Via Think Progress, Bill Clinton, speaking at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting, blasting the Republican Party for supporting denial of climate science:

“The best thing you could do is make it politically unacceptable to engage in denial,” Clinton told a questioner about what Americans can do to fight climate change. “We look like a joke,” he continued. “You can’t win the nomination of one of our parties if you admit that the scientists are right. It’s really tragic. We need the debate between people who are a little bit to the left and a little bit to the right what’s the best way is to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. We can’t have this conversation because we’ve got to deny it?”


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0 thoughts on “Clinton: Climate Deniers Make U.S. Look Like a Joke”

  1. why is it that whenever a former politician has no elections to lose, they suddenly find inner wisdom that previously behooved them when in office..? eg. anyone read Preston Manning’s suddenly enlightened views towards the betterment of the political process and society in general?.. as in Clinton’s case, i guess he was just too busy interviewing interns to have any thoughts deeper than “what’s for lunch?”..

    I resent these attention seeking talking heads looking for a world stage to keep clinging to.
    People like Al Gore, Michael Moore, and to a lessor extent Naomi Klein, and even David Suzuki.. et all… flying all over the planet, blabbing to whoever will listen at some wasteful event of high paying gaga eyed audiences, then heading home to their wasteful ways in their ambiance lit Mcmansions, fleet of vehicles, swimming pools and the rest of whatever comes with fame and fortune..

    i maintain, turn off the noise, and talking heads, and take a look at our own actions.. with that, i am turning off the computer, and going out to check on the frost threatened greens in the garden..

    good day all

  2. Frances conveniently ignores that Clinton has and continues to do an enormous amount of good in the world and has saved a lot of lives of less fortunates. We should be glad he doesn’t spend his time in his garden checking on his fucking greens. Sorry Frances but you’re a bitter old fool and irrelevant to boot.

    Clinton, Klein and many others are waging a war for the very future of the US and the world. Of course leaders are freer to speak their minds out of office than while constrained by the realities of party politics. I’m not sure what planet Frances thinks she lives on.

    • Mos, i know exactly what planet i live on- one that has been attacked by self serving attention seekers who’s message changes with the wind. But also one that despite the stupidity of people, it continues to provide me with everything i need in abundance.. Can you give me an example of how Clinton has personally saved lives of the less fortunate? My mother of 89, (and countless others for that matter) spent a good bit of her life helping at food banks, animal shelters and community charity drives in relative obscurity without a team of fawning handlers, fans and media in toe.. that is how you affect society, not the way these high profile buffoons do..
      BTW- I may be bitter and old- but i am not yet dumb or blind, and for what it’s worth, i am male… thank’s Mos, p.s. good old fashioned common sense is always relevant.

      Christine, thanks for your defending me, and for putting up with my hard, cranky views..

  3. Well, I have to admit that Francis’s thought crossed my mind, too. But at this point I don’t know if we in the climate movement can really afford to be too picky about which high profile folks champion the cause of climate sanity. So I’m grateful that someone with the “star” and PR power of Clinton is speaking up for climate reality, no matter what we wish he could or would have done in the past.


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