Addiction to Oil: A Parent’s Call To Action

Dr. Sarah Warren is psychologist and addictions expert who understands our addiction to oil and how to go into “recovery.”  She appreciates what it takes to move from denial to awareness into action, because she’s lived it.  She knows that change is difficult, but also necessary, possible and rewarding.

In her book “Fierce Love”, Dr Warren, as a mother and psychologist, addresses the questions “What can I do to make a real difference to protect the planet for  my children?” and “What’s in it for me?”.

It is time, as  mother, biologist, and cancer survivor Dr. Sandra Steingraber asserts, for parents to become fossil fuel abolitionists, for the sake of their children. Dr. Sarah Warren is an example of a mother who has heeded this call, and in her book she shares with us about “going green and getting happy, and doing the right thing by our children.”


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