Congressman: Tar Sands Pipeline Would Turn U.S. Into Canadian “Sewer”

During a meeting with Canadian First Nations leaders this week, Congressman Dennis Kucinich spoke out against the proposed 2,750-kilometre-long Keystone XL project which would carry oil from the Alberta tar sands across the United States:

We cannot trust the oil interests to do the right thing for the economy, for the environment. We know that…We saw what happened when we let the oil interests get ahead of the regulation of their industry in the Gulf of Mexico. We are not going to let them turn the rest of North America into a sewer through the tarsands project.”

Source: Crude in Syncrude: Ugliness at Tar Sands Duck Trial
Pelican in Gulf of Mexico during last year's BP Oil Disaster


This is a crucial moment for Americans to speak up loudly and let the State Department know that it mustn’t approve this project, which benefits TransCanada Pipeline and the Koch brothers at the expense of Canadian wilderness, First Nations health and traditional territory, American land and water, and all of our future.


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Keystone Pipeline Would Turn U.S. Into Canadian “Sewer”: Congressman

0 thoughts on “Congressman: Tar Sands Pipeline Would Turn U.S. Into Canadian “Sewer””

  1. Never mind anything else…the Koch brothers was all I needed to hear. If they’re involved you can be sure it’s for no other reason than pure greed.

    The environment counts for less than zero as far as they are concerned.

  2. when it comes to economic interests, the pipe line will win, as exampled from the past.. Even the native populations can be bought out, and can you blame them?

    as for the Gulf spill, have you heard that previous drilling bans have now been reinstated by everyone’s “saviour” (not) prez. Obama?

    Greed exists because money is there to be made.. Greedy corps. are not in it for their health.. if we wanna stop this kind of thing, we need to curb our behaviour.. Low demand equals disinterest from corps..

    unfortunately, i don’t see us using less oil any time soon.. so make room for the pipelines…

    thanks always for the articles and interesting posts all.

    • If we started pricing carbon, Francis, I believe that would provide impetus for the system to start changing as business understand it costs them money to carry on with business as usual. And then the sea change will start, and we will use less oil because it will become the easier (and less expensive) way to do things.


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