Buy, Buy, American Pie

2010 satire of Don MacLean’s classic by the Capitol Steps. Uncle Sam points out the problems that are created in America by the dependency on cheap products from China.


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  1. thanks for the chuckle, but aren’t we here in Canada just as guilty? lining up at the Walmart or the “Crappy Tire” for the latest bargain? without a care for where it is made?
    besides, aren’t we in the west a little too cool or sophisticated to work menial labour in manufacturing?
    hypocrisy and apathy will destroy our culture, not crap made in China..

    francis “the curmudgeon”..

  2. Don McLean’s original version of that song has to be one of my favourites. But this one is pretty darn good too, wouldn’t you say?

    This “Made in China” thing has been spoken about for long enough now, that if Americans or Canadians were going to try and do something about it, they probably would have by now. But they aren’t, and they won’t.

    And why not? The two simplest reasons are that nobody in the west will work for $200 a month, and too many people are making way too much money off Chinese manufactured products.

    There must be a reason that Wal-Mart sells more Chinese product than anyone else, along with the fact that they are one of the biggest earners in North America. But – they DO hire a lot of people.


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