Rick Mercer Explains Our Democratic System

It’s federal election day in Canada, and it has turned out to be a much more interesting election than was expected.  The NDP have had a surprisingly strong showing in the polls over the last 10 days, and this has left both the Harper Conservatives and the Liberals scrambling to change their tactics in the dying days of the campaign.  Canadians, it seems, don’t like Stephen Harper or Michael Ignatieff that much, but they do trust Jack Layton, leader of the federal NDP.

Unfortunately, I will be traveling all day and won’t be able to easily tune into the election results.  But I thought it would be appropriate on election day to post this Rick Mercer video from two years ago, Canada Explained:


And remember, if you are Canadian, exercise your democratic right and VOTE – other people are dying to.

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  1. Christine:

    Rick could almost have made this video just a few weeks ago.

    Very timely and still right on the money. He sure does have a knack for hitting all the right points.


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