The Fallacy of Stephen Harper’s Good Economic Management

I’ve posted on this recently, but it bears repeating – Stephen Harper and his Finance Minister Jim Flaherty took Canada from a surplus position to a deficit even before the recession hit. For ideological reasons, Harper cut taxes so much that the surplus from the Martin government was gone, gone, gone before the Harper Cons been in power long.  And, despite consistently bragging about how Canada’s economy was a global leader, Harper used the excuse of poor economic times to freeze aid to some of the world’s most impoverished countries.

Thanks to Harper’s mismanagement of our economy, Canadians are now saddled with the largest deficit in Canadian history; clearly, Canada can’t afford much more of Harper’s economic brilliance!  Here is Mr. Harper in 2008 saying – repeatedly – “We will <NOT> be running a deficit.”


This graphic comes from Michael at Compelling

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  1. Christine:

    A subject near and dear to all of us I’m sure.

    The only critique I have of your article if I may (tongue planted firmly in cheek) while the title says Economic Management you have repeated yourself in the second paragraph.

    I feel that Economic MISmanagement is far more appropriate, don’t you?

  2. The deficit was larger from approximately 1978 to 1995. When calculated as a percent of the Gross Domestic Product. Which is the only reasonable way to calculate a deficit. Calculating it in Absolute term is highly flawed and does not give a reasonable picture. Also the deficit of Canada right now is much lower then the average industrialized country.


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