YERT Movie: A Lightheartened Look at The Question: “Are We Doomed?”

The YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip) Movie was a big winner at last weekend’s Environmental Film Festival at Yale.  The trio of Mark, Ben, and Julie who are the genius behind this movie take us through their a year-long eco-expedition through all 50 US states. They describe the movie this way:

With video camera in hand and tongue in cheek, we’re exploring the landscape of America’s unique approach to environmental sustainability. We believe that Americans want to do the right thing – they just don’t want to look strange doing it, and they don’t have the time or the means to explore all the options. That’s where the YERT team comes in. Follow Mark, Ben, and Julie as we shamelessly bathe ourselves in the best (and weirdest) of America’s ecological progress with a mix of outrageous antics, provocative examples, and thoughtful reporting.


*a tip of the hat to Peter Sinclair over at Climate Denier Crock of the Week for this link*

Jeff Biggers over at the Huffington Post had this to say about YERT:

Years in the making, YERT is a hilarious, powerful and often poignant chronicle of the year-long journey of three filmmakers, engineers and acclaimed Off Broadway performers — Julie Dingman Evans, Mark Dixon and Ben Evans — to explore breakthrough approaches, from the bizarre to the mind-blowing, for environmental sustainability in all 50 states. Beginning and ending at the Rachel Carson homestead in Pennsylvania, the filmmakers crisscrossed the country in search of famous and unknown innovators, scientists, activists, farmers, and artists working to move their communities — and nation — toward a more sustainable future. The catch: The team turned the camera on their own lifestyle and set their own road rules, vowing to create less than one shoebox of garbage each month, including recyclables, never turning on an incandescent light (except car lights), or using approximately 25 gallons of water per person per day.

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