Imagine. No Harper.

Last week, a group of us got together to respond to a Conservative video posted on Youtube of  Stephen Harper singing John Lennon’s anti-war Imagine. Imagine expresses John Lennon’s hope for peace in the world, and it seemed the height of hypocrisy for our war-mongering Canadian Prime Minister to sing it; that he was trying to ride on the coat-tails of young Maria Aragon, the 10-year old Winnipeg girl who recently rocketed to fame when Lady Gaga discovered her version of “Born This Way” on Youtube makes it even more nauseating.

But there is some justice in this world. As NJN Network reports, Yoko Ono had Harper’s video pulled for copyright violation, even though there are many other version of the song on Youtube.  In Yoko Ono Can’t Imagine Stephen Harper Singing Lennon:

Poor Stephen Harper can’t get no respect. His attempt to play off the popularity of Maria Aragon has backfired.

Yoko Ono, a peace loving woman and keeper of John Lennon’s flame, had the Harper video of Imagine yanked off YouTube.

Nothing could be more false than Stephen Harper singing the famous Lennon hope for peace in the world.

Remember, when Stephen Harper was in opposition when the Iraq war was started by the Americans, he wanted Canada to join.  Now, in this election, Canada finds itself fighting in two conflicts, with almost no discussion about our engagement in Libya.  And Harper is the Prime Minister that shut down parliament, proroguing it for the second time in his short time at the helm, to avoid having to answer questions about the torture of Afghan detainees.  And, of course, the “Contempt of Parliament” motion that was passed against the Harper government, precipitating the current election, was because Harper and his Ministers didn’t feel that Parliament – and thus the Canadian people – needed to know the exact cost of F-35 fighter jets before we sign on as a country to foot the bill for billions of dollars.  And of course, the environment budget has been cut across the board by this same government.

Here’s our response to Harpocrisy:


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  1. Great work as always, when I find myself feeling a little down with thoughts of the upcoming election (and the future of our planet). Optimism is just a click away, thanks Christine.

  2. Have you read this Globe and Mail article and looked at the responses? The trolls are out in force as usual.

    Pay hikes, severance deal approved for Tory staffers
    Ottawa— The Canadian Press
    Published Sunday, Apr. 10, 2011 4:33PM EDT
    Last updated Sunday, Apr. 10, 2011 10:47PM EDT

    If Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are re-elected on May 2, political aides in ministerial offices could find a nice bonus when they return to work.

    The Harper government has quietly approved increases in the maximum salaries political staffers are entitled to receive.

    In addition, suddenly out-of-work staffers could find the blow considerably cushioned if the Tories were to lose the election. That’s because the government has also approved a 50-per-cent increase in the maximum separation pay political aides can receive – up to six months from four. That’s on top of severance pay.

    More …

    • Alan: Thanks for this vital information.

      Yet another typical Harpercrite back door stunt. How on earth can they justify a 6 month separation pay? Particularly when they cut our old age pension cheques by a lousy $3 a month last year.

      It seems to be getting worse by the day.

    • Wow – how do they keep getting away with poking Canadian taxpayers in the eye, and calling themselves good fiscal managers? Good grief! Where’s the Opposition?!!

  3. Christine:

    I did a quick tally on one of the Youtube videos about Harper’s magnificent (not) rendition of this classic.

    32 votes blatantly against Harper and somewhat surprisingly 9 against Yoko Ono.

    Harper has done a double dirty deed here firstly by trying to cash in on the beautiful young Maria’s singing voice. That was disgraceful enough. But to think that he had the colossal gall to pick Imagine of all the songs in the world to destroy… It really galls me to no end.

    • Thanks for the stats, Keith!

      I’m glad that the stats in are in favour of the pro-Lennon and anti-warmongers crowd. I guess the Con trolls have to do something besides post on G & M and National Post to earn their keep, hence the 9 anti-Yoko ones!

      • Yep…that’s probably true Christine.

        But please note that not one of those 9 were in favour of the Hitman singing that song. They just didn’t care for Yoko. It was obvious in most of the comments that they never liked her from day 1. Pretty much all sour grapes comments I would say.


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