Far Right’s Attacks on Alternative Technologies Becoming Ridiculous and “Un-American”

Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm responded recently to Rush Limbaugh’s attack on the Chevy Volt (he’s called it, among other things, an over-priced lemon). Republicans and the Far Right in the U.S. have been attacking alternative energy initiatives in general, and the Chevy Volt in particular. In the face of the Gulf crisis, these same people are supporting BP and Big Oil instead of the protecting the interests of the American people and the environment. As a Canadian, I don’t understand why Americans put up with this – why would anyone vote in somebody that isn’t going to defend their rights, their jobs, their coastline, when these are threatened? Here’s what Governor Granholm, whose state is poised to become a production hub  for advanced batteries used in electric vehicles,  had to say about Limbaugh’s criticism:

It’s just un-American. I can’t believe that somebody would say this about this American product. He hasn’t even driven it. He hasn’t sat in it. You know, why wouldn’t you be supportive of American manufacturers building American vehicles with American workers, who now have jobs as a result of this. Why wouldn’t you be supportive of that? It is mind-blowing to me. And of course, the public is getting paid back. You know, GM has paid back the loan — the bottom line is, is this is a good news story, and somebody who would twist it to be something negative obviously has another agenda. Which we all know he does.”

Granholm went on to say:

“Investment in advanced batteries and other clean energy technologies is creating jobs in Michigan and around the nation. Manufacturing is vital to our national economy and national security, and we must ensure that new clean energy manufacturing jobs remain here in the United States.”

Which one, Limbaugh or Governor Granholm, sounds more reasonable and visionary to you?


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