Do Not Listen To Those Who Say There Is Nothing You Can Do

“Do not listen to those who say there is nothing you can do to change the very real and large social and environmental issues of our time. There are serious problems that beset our world. I’m not now talking about a false sense of optimism based on ignoring the very real crises we face, but there is so much room for hope. And such a need to bring joy and excitement to our commitment to a different future. I swear to you this is true. The life of an activist is a good life because you get up in the morning caring about more than just yourself or how to make money. A life of activism gives hope, which is a moral imperative in this work and in this world. It gives us energy and it gives us direction. You meet the nicest people, you help transform ideas and systems and you commit to leaving the earth in at least as whole a condition as you inherited it.”

Maude Barlow, national chairperson of the Council of Canadians, addressing Trent University after receiving an honourary Doctor of Laws, June 2009.

To learn more about Maude Barlow go to the Council of Canadians website.

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