Meatless Monday – Pamela Anderson Gives Us Another Reason To Eat Vegetarian

Meatless Monday is a campaign to increase people’s health and decrease their carbon footprint at the same time.  Canadian-born celebrity Pamela Anderson recently posed for a PETA ad that was controversial enough to be refused a permit for a public unveiling in Montreal last week. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ad shows the actress in a bikini with her body parts labelled as “round,” “rump” and “shoulder.” “All animals have the same parts,” the ad says.

So, if combating climate change isn’t a good enough reason for you to eat meatless today, maybe this image of Pamela Anderson will inspire you!

All Animals Have the Same Parts. Pamela Anderson's controversial ad for PETA
For one of our family’s favourite – and very easy to make – meatless meals, go to Broccoli Garlic Pasta recipe on the Comfort Food for Uneasy Times page. Or enjoy a hearty meatless taco salad, another easy and tasty family favourite.
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  1. You have to read Barbara Kingsolver’s book on her family’s experience with the eat local movement. Coincidently, her family took this on the same year that the couple did it in Canada. In fact they were in touch with each other. If you don’t have the book in your library I will see if I can find it in softcover before I come on the long weekend.

    BTW Do you need anything from the city?

    • Is that the “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral” one? I’ll have to check it out, and let you know ASAP. Looking forward to a great visit – I just hope the rain stops – its been nonstop for weeks! Come to Red Lake and experience climate change first-hand!

  2. Hi Christine!

    I’m impressed that you have the brain power to post a blog almost every day! I’m lucky if I can one in once a week!
    Keep up the hard/good work!

    See ya later!


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