Nashville: Al Gore’s Mistress Revealed

When Al Gore and his wife Tipper recently chose to go public with the dissolution of their marriage, the blogosphere went wild as climate change deniers took gleeful delight in the news.  Showing extremely poor taste, these bloggers crowed about the failure of the 40 year marriage, and terms like “crazed sex poodle” surfaced (yes, really!). First, Mr. Gore was accused of having an affair with Larry David’s ex-wife Laurie, producer of An Inconvenient Truth, which she denied. Now a hotel masseuse has stepped into the limelight to accuse him of sexual assault (of which, apparently, there is no proof). Now, if these deniers were really interested in the science of climate change, and not merely sensationalism and smear tactics, there would be no personal attacks on the former Vice President, or anyone else for that matter. However, as anyone who is familiar with both climate science and the concerted effort by the fossil fuel industry to discredit the science and the scientists would know, personal attacks are one of the weapons in the deniers’ arsenal. For more on this, check out Peter Sinclair’s latest Climate Crock of the Week.

So, who is Gore’s “real” mistress? Gore is currently in Nashville training people to become champions for the climate, as part of The Climate Project. Given his dedication and commitment to the cause of climate justice and the environment, it is safe to say that he has not one, but two mistresses – Mother Earth and Lady Justice.


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