Micheal Spector On The Danger Of Science Denial

Micheal Spector is a journalist and the author of Denialism: How irrational thinking hinders scientific thinking, harms the planet, and threatens our lives. In the TED video below he talks about the incredible potential that lies ahead of us, if we innovate our way out of the problems that confront the world right now.  He is worried, though, that this future is threatened by the battle against progress and science that is being waged right now on many fronts.  He uses the examples of vaccines and genetically modified foods, but climate change could have been used, as well, à la Senator James Inhofe, Glenn Beck, Lord Monckton et al.

[ted id=824]

To take action against the kind of anti-science denial Micheal Spector talks about, click here to sign a petition that tells Fox News and Rupert Murdoch to get the facts on climate change straight. Right now, although the corporation has stated publicly that it is committed to reducing its carbon emissions, it has broadcast and published media pundits claims that the earth’s temperatures have flat-lined, that arctic ice is increasing, and that there is no such thing as global warming.

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