There’s A War Being Waged On Our Grandchildren by Coal Industry

The following video is from an April 14, 2010 U.S. Congressional hearing about the future of coal and its current impacts today. The Congressional committee holding the hearings is the House Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. Congressman JayInslee is a Democrat from Washington. In this video, he speaks truth to the powerful coal lobby:


For more on Congressman Inslee’s record, go to

Click here to go to his website. If you feel that Mr. Inslee is speaking up for your grandchildren, send him a message thanking him (I have!). You can click on the “contact me” link on his website to email him.

*Please note, I initially – incorrectly-  identified the Congressman addressing industry at the end of the video as Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat from Oregon,  when in fact it is Congressman Inslee. The good news is that Congressman Blumenauer is also a fantastic advocate for clean energy, if you (like me) sent him an email thanking him for his stand. Thanks to Congressman Inslee’s office for bringing this error to my attention!*

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