Green Celebrities Spread the Word

Even climate change bloggers enjoy the diversions that our celebrity-obsessed culture offers once in a while!

For example, The Daily has listed the 15 “greenest” Hollywood stars in the lead up to its “Heart of Green” awards on April 20. Who knew Edward Norton spoke Japanese as well as being an environmentalist? Or that Brad Pitt is more than just one of the sexist men alive and father to the Branjelina brood? Or that Daryl Hannah once chained herself to a tree in the farm for three weeks to protest the farmer’s eviction?

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And speaking of green and celebrities, there’s a new book called Girls Gone Green, by Lynn Herschfield. It is full of tips, ideas and profiles of everyday girls and celebrities – including Hayden Panettiere (who is included in’s list) and Ellen Page – who are taking action to save the environment.

If you are looking for a “green” gift for a teenager, this book might be the one, as it could inspire teenage girls to do something to help their world. Or rather than purchasing it, you could visit your local library and borrow it for your teenager, showing by example the  “re-using” part of the “3Rs”.

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