Bill Nye “The Science Guy”: Climate Skeptics Unpatriotic

Science Educator Bill Nye recently appeared on MSNBC to talk about the claims by contrarians that the snow storms hitting the east coast of the U.S. prove that climate changes isn’t happening. It’s a great interview with Rachel Maddow (hang in there through the first minute of basketball shots).


Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert had some fun this week poking fun at the wild assertions as well. For those of us in Canada, who can’t access The Daily Show or Colbert Report anywhere but the Comedy Network, click here for Part I of the Daily Show and here for the first part of the Colbert Report, both from February 10.  For the rest of you, click here to go to  “Colbert Rips Fox News For Using Snowstorm to Deny Global Warming” and watch the video.

For more information on the link between climate change and severe weather, go to

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