Last Decade Warmest on Record, and Other Interesting Links

A quick surf of the internet today brought these blogs to my attention:

“The Climate Change BackLash and  the Case for Ecological Sustainability” from 3E Intelligence gives a European perspective on the political climate change narrative and makes for interesting reading.

“NASA research finds last decade was the warmest on record” is posted today on Alan Gregory’s Conservation News, with a link to the NASA report.

Resources Research discusses the recent news about the error in the 2007 IPCC report regarding the rate of decline of the Himalayan Glaciers, “India’s Misplaced Glacier Row“, from an Indian perspective.

Carol’s Energy Notes is a smorgasbord, with links to “vertical farming” info, green business news, clean tech farm equipment info, a Fox interview with T. Boone Pickens, and Wisconsin hearings on the Clean Energy Jobs Act.

Braincheck has a recent posting about climate change and insurance, entitled “Want a serious approach to climate change? Call it Insurance change”.

There’s also an interesting link to the Centre for Sustainable Fashion (which some might call an oxymoron).

For some great wildlife pictures and an Alaskan perspective different from Sarah Palin’s, check out Lila’s Room with “Views”, where her most recent posting asserts that Alaska could lead the way to positive change rather than fighting environmental legislation.

Anyway, back to saving my own corner of the world – I have to finish preparing my banner for the “Rally for Democracy” downtown tomorrow. The rally is a grassroots, nonpartisan and nonpolitical response to our Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s unprecedented prorogation, or dismissal, of parliament twice in just over 12 months. It seems he doesn’t want to answer questions about whether or not Afghan prisoners handed over to Afghan authorities by Canadian soliders were tortured.  And he may also be dodging questions about Canada’s dodgy performance in Copenhagen.  Canadians might just be fed up and waking out of their political apathy because of Harper’s antics, so it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

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