Christmas and Climate Change

I like Christmas as much as the next person, or at least parts of it – the eating good food, getting together with friends and family, and taking time off of work parts. But, as the “Advent Conspiracy” campaign points out, there are big problems with the way we in North America celebrate it. And the way we celebrate the season contributes in a very real way to climate change. If you have 2o minutes and want to know more about the connection between overconsumption and the destruction of the planet, check out Annie Leonard’s video “The Story of Stuff“, or watch the 3-minute teaser on my blog’s video list.

Here’s some slam poetry from on this topic:

And if you still want more, rent the hilarious documentary¬† “What Would Jesus Buy”. Reverend Billy and his Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir are filmed on a tour across the U.S. to save Christmas and Americans from the Shopocalypse. He asks “Will we walk in the Valley of the Shadow of Debt, or will we find a new way to give a gift this Christmas?”

There are some serious laughs in the tongue-in-cheek political theatre Reverend Billy and his group engage in. Thanks to Donna from Junk ‘n Java, our local second-hand and fair trade store,¬† for loaning it to me!

For more inspiration and ideas about how to change the way Christmas is celebrated, check out the Buy Nothing Christmas website.

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