Climate Change Cover-up on CBC Radio Today

The last half hour of today’s CBC Radio current affairs show The Current discussed “climate coverup” .  Their first guest was James Hoggan, author of Climate Cover-up: The Crusade to Deny Global Warming. Mr. Hoggan is president of the PR firm James Hoggan and Associates as well as being the chair of the David Suzuki Foundation.  He was followed by University of Toronto computer network manager Jim Prall who keeps tabs on climate skeptics and climate scientists.  The final guest was Lawrence Solomon, a climate change skeptic and author of  The Deniers: The World Renowned Scientists who Stood Up Against Global Warming Hysteria, Political Persecution, and Fraud – and those who are too fearful to do so.

Click here to go to the website, and scroll to the bottom of the page to click on “Part 3” to listen to this interesting exchange.  One of the interesting “facts’ that Mr. Solomon asserts is that oil companies are funding environmental groups that push the whole “false” climate change theory.  Now that’s an new one!

Tonight on CBC Radio’s evening news show, As It Happens, c0host Carol Off will be looking into a national radio ad campaign mocking the whole idea of climate change. If you miss it, check back because I’m hoping to post the link to it.

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  1. Lawrence Solomon was barely given the opportunity to get a word in edgewise during this interview. She kept cutting him off, sidetracking him and contradicting him. She did not give Solomon the opportunity to speak uninterrupted as she did the other two guests. Really listening to what he was saying, he was more critical of the climate models. He was not denying that global warming was occurring, just the the models are imperfect. But even that is too controversial for the rabidly leftist CBC

    • Thanks for your point of view – I listened to the interview again after reading your comment, and I encourage people go to the CBC website and make up their own minds about it. As for CBC being “rabidly leftist” that is certainly a matter of opinion as well, which you are entitled to.

      I would also encourage people to check out the website , a very comprehensive website that examines the credentials of people making claims for and against anthropogenic climate change. It is an impressive website, even more so when you realize that the young blogger is 17 years old and still in high school! Christine

  2. I think a distinction can be made between a skeptic and a denier in opinions towards anthropomorphic climate change. A denier is someone who has made up their mind, and will ignore any evidence that contradicts that view point. A skeptic, on the other hand, has not been convinced one way or the other and is open to either possibility based on the evidence. The denier is closed minded and the skeptic is open minded. I believe that there is some degree of anthropomorphic climate change happening – both due to greenhouse gases as well as global dimming – and I remain open minded, very open minded, about the validity of any computer model.

    As far as the CBC having a political slant, it certainly does although I was being facetious calling it “rabid”. In this day and age of multiple news outlets competing with 24 hour news channels, and news-on-demand competing for viewers, it seems that all media outlets have fallen for the concept having a slant- either right or left- is necessary to stay in business. As someone in the centre, so to speak, I think that is misguided and perpetuates the myth that North American culture is becoming more polarized. But I digress.


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